Understanding Nursery Plant Pot Sizes and Types: A Comprehensive Guide

The nursery encompasses four distinct areas across two floors, catering to different age groups: the baby room, toddlers, pre-school, and classroom. Each space is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and developmental stages of the children.

Nursery Plant Pots

When selecting pots for plants, it’s crucial to ensure that the decorative pot is slightly larger than the grow pot of the hydroculture plant, typically by 2-3cm. The standardised grow pot height, usually 12cm or 19cm, is indicated alongside each hydroculture plant option. Ceramic pots are recommended for housing Monsteras, which are generally kept in plastic nursery pots with drainage.

Manufactured through precise injection molding, these polypropylene pots are designed for durability and long-lasting use. They are adaptable to both current and future nursery setups. The size of nursery pots can vary depending on the plant’s stage of growth and the nursery’s preference. While some containers may be quite large, most gardeners are unlikely to purchase plants in pots larger than C40.


Modiform and Teku are known for their round plant pots and pot carrying trays. After purchasing, it’s advisable to keep plants in their nursery pots to reduce stress from the new environment. The market offers various options like clear nursery pots with drainage holes, small white succulent planter pots with bamboo trays, and eco-friendly biodegradable deep root training fibre plant pots.

Grow bags, another option for gardeners, require more frequent watering compared to potted plants. It’s important to note that even biodegradable containers should have plants removed before planting, as advised by the University of Tennessee Cooperative Extension.

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The Apsley nursery features two gardens with astroturf lawns, one dedicated to babies and the other for older children. The nursery’s product range includes Potpro Pots, Quickfill Bags, NX level pot elevators, and more. Additionally, the Grow Depot offers a wide selection of pots and containers for various gardening needs.

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