Transforming Your Garden with Trellises and Planters: Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

Shaping and personalizing your outdoor space is made easy with our range of fence panels and trellis, designed to provide all you need for constructing your own garden fencing. A classic trellis structure typically involves two rows of poles or canes, spaced about 45cm (18in) apart, and secured at the top with string or twine. This setup is ideal for supporting plants with vibrant blooms, adding a splash of color to your garden.

Garden Trellis and Planters

For those who enjoy upcycling, consider disassembling an old bike to create a unique garden feature. Using two tires, a metal pole, wire, and garden twine, you can craft an innovative project. To complement a modern aesthetic, our linear patio garden planters are available in various sizes and sleek designs.

Our selection includes the obelisk trellis, a free-standing structure made from steel rods. This two-piece design is sturdy and finished with a matt black powder coating, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather and rust. The ‘Packs Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Outdoor’ by deaunbr is an excellent choice for supporting climbing plants like roses, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, and clematis.

For indoor gardening enthusiasts, the ‘Metal Plants Trellis for Climbing Plants Honeycomb Shape’ is perfect for houseplants, vines, pothos, and hoyas. Its black, honeycomb design is both functional and stylish. Similarly, the handmade copper plant pot trellis offers durable and solid support for your plants.

Enhancing your garden with trellises not only supports plant growth but also adds a touch of elegance. The ‘Pot Trellis’ is an innovative solution for climbing plants in various garden areas. For those seeking a larger structure, the ‘LQSSA Gardens Plant Pot Trellis for Climbing Rose’ is easy to assemble and comes in heights of 90cm and 120cm, making it ideal for medium to large plants.

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