Scarecrows in the Garden: A Fun, Family-Friendly Fall Event

Scarecrows have long been a traditional method to keep birds away from gardens, being perceived as a potential danger. This concept has evolved into a fun, family-friendly event known as “Scarecrows in the Garden.” The event highlights imaginative Halloween displays created by non-profits, judged by celebrities, and offers a variety of games in a garden setting.

The scarecrow-making process involves securing the scarecrow in place once it’s fully dressed and ready to protect the garden. As an eco-friendly approach, gardeners can place small jars of white vinegar around the garden, with holes in the lid to release the smell, deterring pests without harmful chemicals.

Scarecrows in the Garden

Registration for the event runs from August 21 to September 18, with the scarecrow drop-off scheduled for late September. The event promises fun activities like hay rides, a bake table, cake walk, food stalls, kid crafts, photo ops with scarecrows, games, raffles, a plant sale, face painting, and various vendors.

Introducing two charming scarecrows, Florence and Fred, these are not only fun additions to any garden but also serve as protectors of seedlings, plants, and flowers. Mounted on solid bamboo poles, they are designed to endure multiple seasons. The event also offers tips on personalising scarecrows for use in vegetable patches or allotments.

The event is an excellent opportunity to bring together local art and artistic scarecrows, enhancing the garden’s enchantment. This exhibit runs throughout October, open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 10 a.m.

For those interested in making their own scarecrow or enhancing their garden, explore scarecrow making supplies (search) for a range of options.

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