Revolutionize Your Garden with Versatile Bamboo Screening Solutions

A unique and elegant solution for creating movable screens in your garden is the use of bamboo planted in containers on castor wheels. This innovative idea combines the natural beauty of bamboo with the practicality of synthetic materials, featuring synthetic bamboo poles arranged in alternating directions between horizontal aluminum tubes. It’s crucial to opt for a clump-forming bamboo variety to prevent invasive roots, and planting them in containers or troughs helps to manage their growth effectively.

Bamboo Screening in Garden

Bamboo screening and fencing are perfect solutions for concealing unsightly areas of your garden, such as old sheds or compost heaps. Adding bamboo screening brings texture and interest to any wall or fence, creating a quick and easy aesthetic upgrade. For those seeking a more natural look, the Woven Reed Screen, made from natural reed cane, offers an organic alternative for privacy screening.

For a touch of sophistication, consider the Black Bamboo Screen, measuring 2m high and 2m wide, made from whole bamboo poles of varying diameters. This type of screen can be easily attached to a chain link fence using wires or staples, offering a seamless and sturdy integration. The large-sized rolled bamboo fencing, which uses 25/28 mm diameter poles, is another excellent choice for creating a natural barrier in your outdoor space.

To enhance your garden’s privacy and style, browse a wide selection of fencing and screening options, including the TradeXone Reed bamboo fence. This extra-thick garden screening is an ideal choice for outdoor wind and sun protection. Bamboo Screening Roll (search)

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