Protect Your Rattan Garden Furniture with Specialised Covers

Protecting your outdoor rattan furniture is essential, and garden furniture covers offer an effective solution. These covers, suitable for various furniture sets, shield against dirt and moisture, ensuring the longevity of your outdoor furniture. The Webbing Rattan Cane, available in light/cream and in square/radio styles, is perfect for home furniture cabinet art and crafts restoration. Additionally, the Willow Wicker Tree Skirt adds a natural, rustic touch to your festive home d├ęcor.

Rattan Garden Furniture Cover

For heavy-duty protection, consider the RICHIE Garden Furniture Cover, made from waterproof and UV-resistant 420D Oxford fabric, or the Dycietx Deluxe Garden Furniture Cover, which features air vents and is windproof, anti-UV, and rip-proof. These covers are specifically designed to fit a wide range of outdoor rattan furniture, including patio tables and chair sets. A rattan cover section is included for versatility, allowing the use of the complete tabletop without the ice bucket.

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It’s important to note that bamboo and rattan are not trees but play a crucial role in biodiversity. Bamboo is a grass, and rattan is a climbing palm, both offering aesthetic appeal in furniture making. For balcony protection, consider a Balcony Cover made from HDPE, providing UV and wind protection. Boho Raffia Wall Hangings also offer a charming, hand-woven addition to your Bohemian home decor.

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When choosing a cover, ensure that it fits your furniture’s size and consult customer service for advice if needed. The covers are made from durable polyethene, offering water, UV, and tear resistance for everyday use. By using these covers, you can significantly extend the life of your wicker rattan furniture, keeping it dry and protected from moisture in the air.

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