Maximizing Your Runner Bean Harvest: Essential Tips and Tricks

Gardeners with any size backyard can find a suitable spot for a garden arch, ideal for supporting climbing plants like runner beans. These beans require a consistent temperature of around 15°C (59°F) to germinate. They are not only productive but also visually appealing with their bright red flowers. About 4-5 weeks after planting, the flowers appear, leading to the first harvest within 60-75 days.

Support structures for runner beans are vital, and bamboo stakes or trellis netting are excellent choices. A net with 100mm mesh offers robust horizontal and vertical support, ensuring steady growth. Climbing beans need tall supports, ideally installed before sowing. For container gardening, a large pot, around 30 litres, filled with a mix of garden soil and well-rotted manure or compost, is recommended.

The Bean Buddy is a high-quality support frame, perfect for growing runner beans and other tall climbing plants. Avoid using substandard strength wigwams or frames, as they might not support the full weight of the plants. Bamboo ridge support structures are perfect for vegetable patches, aiding the healthy growth of runner bean crops.

When planting, it’s essential to have canes or supports for directional growth. The plants grow upward, conserving space in a garden or allotment. The material of the supports is also a crucial choice. Obelisk-style plant supports, secured with solid 30cm long U anchors, are both practical and elegant.

Mulching around runner beans in July with organic matter is beneficial for moisture retention and nutrient supply. A basic trellis design can be an attractive support option, usually consisting of four or five bamboo canes tied at the top. For those with limited space, dwarf varieties of runner beans, which grow to about 45cm (18in) high, require less support.

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Runner Bean Support Structure

Premature flowering can indicate stress, possibly from a pot that’s too small. Providing adequate support is crucial for the proper growth of runner beans.

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