Maximizing Your Outdoor Space with Quality Timber Fencing

When planning to install a fence, the first step is to mark the desired line with wood stakes, placed every 8 feet. This is where Jacksons Fencing, the UK’s premier manufacturer and installer of high-quality timber acoustic fencing, comes into play. They provide wood stakes made from Douglas Fir, known for its dual-sided appearance – one side showcasing the brown bark and the other, the whiter wood.

Quality Timber Fencing

These stakes are versatile, suitable for various fencing needs such as garden, agricultural, animal fences, and even for marking boundaries in farm fields. Additionally, Jacksons Fencing offers border log rolls, pressure-treated to resist rot and decay, with a guarantee of up to 20 years. This treatment is a testament to the durability and longevity of their products.

For those looking for a more permanent solution, Jacksons Fencing provides pressure-treated fence panels. These panels are infused with chemical preservatives, safeguarding the wood from infestations and enhancing its longevity. Their hardwood stakes are not only ideal for fence construction but also serve various other purposes like creating silt fences, staking hay bales, and marking perimeters.

Transform your landscape with Jacksons Fencing’s timber, offering both privacy and aesthetic appeal. Their fencing posts are robust, machine-rounded, and green pressure-treated, ensuring resistance against rotting and damp conditions, thus extending their outdoor life up to 8 years.

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