Maximizing Space and Style: Freestanding Kitchen Units and Islands

Combining tall kitchen units with various sizes in a range creates both a stylish and practical space. A kitchen island, often a freestanding counter or cabinet, serves multiple purposes like food preparation, storage, or dining. It’s crucial to maintain at least 120cm clearance between parallel kitchen unit runs, allowing two people to move around simultaneously. Consider the Tall Larder Unit, standing at 1970mm high and 300mm deep, with a full-height door, reaching a total height of 2120mm including 150mm legs. Adding a new unit to your existing setup can significantly enhance space utilization.

Tall Larder Unit Kitchen

Our team is dedicated to excellence, demonstrating immense pride and commitment in their work, ensuring top-notch client care. We offer custom-built storage solutions and freestanding kitchen storage units. Our kitchens showcase high-quality materials like wood, metal, glass, and marble. The design team has meticulously considered both commercial and domestic kitchen needs. Our kitchen pieces, designed for both standalone and integrated use, are perfect for any setting.

Freestanding bathroom furniture, including ladder shelves, cabinets, and towel racks, maximizes space in various styles and materials. Our rustic kitchen designs, combining islands with shelves, invite a communal cooking experience. Explore options like the Pine Drinks unit, unho Bamboo Bathroom Shelf, and freestanding kitchen sink units accommodating modern appliances. Our Italian marble kitchen centerpiece, adorned with quality paint finishes, downlighters, and solid chrome handles, adds elegance to any home.

Outdoor kitchen enthusiasts will find our selection of high-quality products appealing, suitable for both DIY and professional installations. Our furniture, crafted from sustainable timber and traditional joinery methods, ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. Freestanding kitchen units offer modular, functional solutions for any kitchen layout. The TORNVIKEN series, for example, provides additional workspace and storage, enhancing the functionality of your kitchen. Whether it’s a standalone pantry or a fitted piece, our team is ready to collaborate on your dream freestanding kitchen design. For a quick and easy installation, consider our compact kitchenette units, available in basic or modern styles.

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