Maximizing Garden Space: A Guide to Using Pea Netting and Plant Supports

Pea netting and plant supports offer versatile solutions for maximizing garden space and supporting various types of plants. The Bird Net 4x10m Anti Bird Net is ideal for protecting gardens, farms, vineyards, and ponds. It’s essential to choose a tall pot for sweet peas to ensure their roots grow deep and strong. The Plant Support Jute Netting, measuring 2mx10m, is a biodegradable and eco-friendly option for climbing plants and vegetables like runner beans and sweet peas. This netting comes with 10m jute twine and 10 U-shaped pegs for easy attachment.

Garden Plant Netting

Pea sticks offer a cost-effective way to support growing peas. For larger gardens or small lawns, a woven pea trellis can be a practical addition. When growing peas in pots, it’s crucial to place posts at least every 4ft (120cm) to provide adequate support. Pea netting supported by stout canes is another popular choice. However, untangling plants at the end of the season can be challenging. Garden NettingBird Netting 2M/4M x 10M is another product designed for peas, fruit trees, and vegetables, providing protection against pests and animals.

For those interested in a wider range of garden netting, Gardening Naturally offers 12 types, including nets for bird and insect protection, as well as for shading purposes. They also supply standard and heavy-duty pea and bean netting, along with a pea and bean column, perfect for supporting runner beans. Pinching out the tips of sweet pea seedlings at about 10cm tall encourages bushy growth. The tomato trellis net, with its 4*4 inch aperture, is ideal for supporting tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peas, pole beans, and sweet potatoes.

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