Is Your Garden Ready for Trellis Fencing?

Trellis fencing is an excellent choice for maximizing the growing space in any garden or balcony setting. Not only is it difficult for intruders to hide behind or climb, but it also allows for additional height without compromising light – perfect for those with green fingers. However, if your property is listed or falls under certain exceptions on the UK planning portal, different rules may apply.

Trellis Fencing
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The design and construction of trellis fences are as important as their aesthetic appeal. With a style that suits heavy-duty fence posts, our pressure-treated fence panels come with substantial 15-year anti-rot guarantees and require no further annual treatment. Whether it’s a classic trellis, contemporary slatted panels, bespoke gazebos, summerhouses, or planters, the English Trellis Top is designed to enhance any garden.

For those who are considering featherboard panels with a square trellis or a venetian topper, these fencing types are highly versatile and complement each other beautifully. Our range of privacy trellis panels offers a selection of heights and widths, accommodating different garden sizes and styles. Made of metal, wood, or bamboo, our trellis fencing not only supports climbing plants but also adds an element of elegance to your outdoor space.

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