How to Stylishly Hide Your Wheelie Bins with Creative Screening Solutions?

Concealing wheelie bins in a stylish manner has become an essential aspect of modern home and garden design. The under-stair wood screening, with its horizontal lines, not only complements the straight lines of homes but also ingeniously hides staircases and railings. These screens are available in standard sizes of 130l and 240l, with a variety of color options including black, charcoal, green, blue, orange, yellow, red, and white.

Custom aluminium bin enclosures, like the ones delivered to a client in Hope Island, are a testament to the growing demand for aesthetic bin storage solutions. These enclosures are relatively easy to install and come in various styles. For instance, slatted fence panels can add a decorative element to gardens, effectively hiding unsightly bins. Garden Street caters to all standard bin sizes, ensuring compatibility with council requirements across different areas.

Stylish Bin Enclosure

To prevent bins from being blown away, securing them to a wall or fence is advisable. A trellis serves as an ideal garden screening, hiding any eyesores, including bin areas. Wheelie bin screens vary in design, but their primary function is to cover the bins, keeping them out of sight. For instance, bamboo slats, tied together with galvanized wires and treated for pest resistance, offer a natural and effective screening option.

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Another elegant solution is planting hedges around bins, such as a Ligustrum (Privet) hedge, which conceals the bins without compromising garden space. Moreover, bin enclosures with doors and hinged lids provide ease of access while maintaining aesthetics. Draffin Street Furniture, for example, offers over forty different bin enclosures and surrounds. For DIY enthusiasts, crafting bespoke bin screens can result in a tailored and unique look.

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There are various practical aspects to consider when choosing a bin enclosure. For instance, timber, while natural and visually appealing, can be heavy, especially if the enclosure has a lid, door, or wheels. The use of willow panels, known for their strength and ease of movement, is another popular choice for covering bins. Climbing plants and flowers can be grown up the trellis panels for a design that is both pretty and functional. Wheelie bins come in an array of sizes, including 80, 120, 140, 240, 360, 500, 660, 770, and 1100 liters, catering to different household and commercial needs.

Choosing the right screening solution for your bins not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also adds an element of security and practicality. With a variety of options available, from natural materials to custom designs, homeowners can effectively integrate their wheelie bins into the garden’s overall design.

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