How to Grow Runner Beans Successfully?

Runner beans are a great addition to any garden, especially if you have limited space. These beans can thrive in large containers, making them suitable for smaller gardens or patios. However, it’s important to remember that runner beans are frost tender. They perform best in warmer areas of the garden that receive good sunlight exposure.

When sowing runner beans, choose a well-draining spot that gets plenty of sunshine. A robust bean frame is essential for supporting their growth. Ultra-thick 16mm plastic-coated steel plant stakes can provide a stable structure to withstand all weathers. To protect beans from cold and frost, start the seeds indoors in pots and transplant them outdoors in late spring or early summer. The Runner Bean Tower, made from polymer-coated steel, offers a durable solution with a lifespan guarantee of 10 years.

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Unlike runner beans, broad beans do not climb and may require support as they grow taller. The popular Bean Buddy support frame is ideal for growing a variety of beans, including runner, French, and other tall climbing plants. For early growth, pot seedlings into a 9cm pot and acclimatize them to outdoor conditions by day, covering them with horticultural fleece or bringing them indoors at night.

Broad beans are versatile and can be sown almost any time of year, depending on the variety. ‘Enorma’ is a fast-growing variety, ideal for a bountiful summer harvest. To construct a runner bean wigwam, insert four to five canes or sticks, evenly spaced, into the ground or container. Bamboo Sticks 3FT (90cm) – 40pcs are perfect for this purpose. Not only are runner bean seeds productive, but their flowers also add a splash of color to your garden.

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April is the ideal month for sowing climbing French beans indoors. Once the last frost has passed, they can be planted outside. Creating a triangle arch with two bamboo canes spaced every 30cm, joined at the top with string, is another effective method. Some gardeners use more solid structures like recycled dexion as the main support frame for beans. The Bean Buddy, a premium ultra-heavy duty support frame, is also highly recommended for growing beans and other tall climbing plants.

Runner Beans Growing Support

Discover different ways to build strong, inexpensive support frames for runner beans by watching various tutorials and guides available online.

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