How to Erect Bamboo Screening for Garden Privacy and Aesthetics?

Roll-formed fences, such as those made from split bamboo, reed, willow, brushwood, or bark, are all installed in a similar manner. Utilising galvanised wire is an optimal choice for affixing bamboo screening due to its rust-resistant and long-lasting properties. A 4m x 1m Split Natural Peeled Reed Screening Fencing Panel is a prime example of a bamboo fence roll designed for garden use. Crafted from natural split bamboo, these slats are interwoven with galvanised wire, ensuring a sturdy and densely packed screen.

Split Bamboo Reed Screening Panel

For those seeking an organic aesthetic, real split bamboo screening offers an effortless means of adding a natural element to the garden while simultaneously providing an easy maintenance solution. It is perfect for concealing an unattractive fence or creating a standout feature within the garden landscape. Available online are a variety of materials for garden screening including brushwood, willow, reed, fern, bark, and artificial options.

Each bamboo fence screening roll consists of vertically aligned, full-length bamboo slats without breaks. The slimmer canes result in fewer gaps, offering enhanced privacy when used on fences. Split bamboo screening not only serves as a standalone decorative screen but can also be attached to an existing fence to augment privacy, improve aesthetics, or shield tender plants from the wind. It can effectively hide less appealing areas like compost heaps, rubbish bins, or fuel tanks.

When installing split bamboo screening, the poles should be twice the height of the screening roll, with half the length buried in the ground for stability. Installation requires secure fixing with multiple attachment points to prevent wind damage. The natural construction of bamboo provides a tropical vibe and revitalises old fencing. Bamboo Slat Screening is particularly useful for protecting plants from wind or creating secluded spots within the garden.

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To explore a variety of bamboo garden screening options, including extra thick screens for enhanced wind and sun protection, consider Bamboo Garden Screening (search) for your outdoor space.

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