How to Enhance Your Space with Large Artificial Plants?

Measuring 30cm in height, 40cm in width, and depth, with an overall product weight of 4kg, artificial plants are an excellent choice for outdoor decoration. These fake tropical flowers and morning glory shrubs add a lush green touch to any space. Large artificial plants, ranging from 90-120cm to extra large sizes of 120-150cm, are designed for those who wish to incorporate greenery into their decor without the hassle of maintenance.

Topiary styles like spirals, lollipops, and balls are popular, yet it requires skill to shape real box shrubs in this way. Fortunately, artificial Buxus Spiral trees offer a convenient alternative. Their height is measured from the pot’s bottom to the spiral’s top, ensuring that you know exactly what size will fit your space.

Artificial Buxus Spiral Tree

When it comes to durability, our artificial Cypress plants are guaranteed to retain their color for 8 years thanks to the UV protector in the raw materials. Sometimes, branches and foliage may need to be replaced to extend the life of your artificial tree, but with a variety of options including artificial Bay, Bonsai, Bamboo, and Buxus, there’s always a perfect match for your setting.

Artificial plants and trees can beautifully complement any home, business, or outdoor area. They flourish without any mess or maintenance, making them ideal for those seeking a fuss-free green environment. For a more diverse selection, browse plastic plants that mimic real ones, from fake flowers to artificial hanging plants.

Artificial Topiary Plants (search)

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