How to Enhance Your Garden with Award-Winning Willow Fencing

We are excited to share that Tim Radford has been named the Supreme Champion at the National Hedgelaying Championship of 2018. This prestigious accolade highlights the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into creating top-quality garden features.

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Our Willow Cane Screening is not only ideal for crafting privacy in your garden but is also an eco-friendly option. Available in convenient four-metre rolls, this natural fencing ensures seclusion in gardens that may be exposed to outside view. Our extra strong, expandable willow trellis panels are perfectly suited for supporting climbing plants, creating a green wall effect that is both beautiful and practical.

Willow Cane Screening Panel

Homebase stands as your go-to destination for all your fencing needs, offering an extensive collection of trellis panels and fences. Moreover, at Living Willow Farm, we take pride in offering custom garden features, including raised beds and privacy screens, all crafted from willow. Whether you are aiming for a serene solo retreat or a convivial gathering space, our products are designed to complement your vision.

To ensure a comprehensive solution, we provide both standard and bespoke gates and wheelie bin screens that harmonize with our fencing panels. Fountain Timber is renowned across Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, and the South West as a leading supplier of various fencing products, including traditional and decorative panels.

With our willow fencing screening rolls, you can effortlessly mask less appealing elements like chicken wire or outdated fence panels, while also adding a natural touch to your outdoor space. These screens can define boundaries or segment your garden into intimate nooks, suitable for different activities or relaxation. Our range extends to budget-friendly garden fencing, encompassing everything from fence posts to garden gates and accessories.

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Crafted with dedication in the picturesque Suffolk countryside since 1998, our willow fences are renowned in the East of England and globally for their craftsmanship and durability. Properly installed, these panels can endure up to 10 years, adding a timeless and pastoral charm to your garden. Whether it’s the classic overlap, sturdy feather edge, elegant European styles, or charming picket fences, our selection is sure to satisfy any fencing need.

For installation, metal or wooden posts should be strategically placed and secured using a post hole digger where necessary. Our willow fence panels, interwoven in a classic pattern and supported by treated wooden battens, are not only robust but also ecologically sustainable. The treatment ensures longevity, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. Over arbours and pergolas, this fencing material provides a shaded haven, perfect for relaxation on sunny days.

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