How to Create Your Own Indoor Garden with a DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit?

Creating a DIY succulent terrarium is one of the most enjoyable and simplest projects for plant enthusiasts. These terrarium kits not only bring an exotic look indoors but also serve as delightful gifts throughout the year, perfect for sprucing up windowsills and office spaces. When setting up your terrarium, a layer of gravel at the bottom is essential, acting as a false bottom for drainage and simplifying maintenance. To keep the air within your terrarium fresh, top the gravel with a layer of activated charcoal.

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Consider the size of the terrarium bottle to ensure it fits well in your desired space. The available sizes range from a 5L terrarium bottle, measuring 33cm in height and 22cm in diameter, to a larger 15L terrarium bottle, which stands at 44cm tall with a 30cm diameter. For those looking to dive into this green-thumbed hobby, various kits include all necessary components, such as a handmade glass container, a selection of plants like Fittonia, Parlour Palm, and Syngonium, soil, activated charcoal, decorative items, and clay pebbles.

Succulent Terrarium Kit

For those who seek a personalised touch, options are available to include moss and three plants suitable for a closed terrarium, which might consist of varieties such as Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’, Pink Syngonium, ferns, Mood Moss, Cushion Moss, and Pilea glauca cuttings. Moreover, the kit may come with a plastic mason-style jar, a decorative lid, potting mix, organic chia and wheatgrass seeds, garden figurines, decorative sand, river stones, and a plant mister.

Beyond the practicality, these terrarium kits can transform a collection of succulents into a stunning floral arrangement, adding vitality and air-purifying qualities to your space. The Root Box Terrarium Kit, for instance, offers an exciting chance to begin your own miniature indoor garden. And for a touch of modern decor, consider handmade geometric glass plant terrariums that can house succulents, cacti, or air plants, making them a striking tabletop centerpiece without plants included.

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