How to Create a Stunning Indoor Herb Garden with Mason Jars?

Already assembled, the carousel with eight glass jars is presented in a colourful, shiny cardboard box. Place it in your home with these words: “Salt and herbs nine times nine, guard now this home of mine.” Managing drainage, growing medium, and sunlight requirements can add flair to your favorite indoor plants. Since it grows well in mason jars, including it in your mason jar herb garden makes sense.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Fine Glass Storage Jars with Bamboo Lids come in a 12-pack set, ideal for storing spices, herbs, coffee beans, tea, pasta, sugar, cookies, and seeds. They are available in 350ml and 700ml sizes, offering an airtight solution for kitchen storage. For large Mason jars or quart containers, you can use the lid to cover the herbs, ensuring they stay fresh. Make sure to always have some herbs on hand for adding to home-cooked dishes with this jar from Schwartz. Whether you prefer the zingy citrus edge of Makrut lime leaves or the sweet taste of dill, a simple sprinkle of herbs can transform your dishes.

LITT Stash Jars for Herb Storage are lightweight aluminum containers with an air-tight screw cap, perfect for keeping herbs fresh and safe. Find the centerline of the hose clamps and hammer them into place on the board where you’ve made your marks. You can also put materials in a jar and cover the top with green or black candle wax to create a seal. Because rue is easy to grow, it’s one of the most perfect protection herbs to use when you’re in a pinch.

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A home dehydrator is great for drying herbs in bulk, especially with mesh inserts to keep leaves from falling. Magnetic spice tins are another great storage idea, making your fridge work harder for you on the outside! Below, you’ll find a list of different herbs, their meanings, and uses. A couple of herb garden Mason jars tucked into a bookshelf or resting on a sunny windowsill add a splash of color to the kitchen. Remember, the key to a mason jar herb garden is not to over-water, and refresh the soil every year or so.

You can apply mason jar hydroponics to other vegetables such as lettuce, green onion, garlic, and more. Pack Spice Jars with Square Stainless Steel Lids, 120ml kitchen spice containers, come with labels, a pen, a hose brush, and two silicone funnels for easy storage of spices, seasonings, condiments, and herbs. By Kiera Baron, November 16, 2021, herb gardens are a must for indoor gardeners, not just for their functionality but for the natural, wonderful scents they bring to everyday life!

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