How to Choose the Right Plant Pot Size for Your Indoor Garden?

Choosing the right plant pot is crucial for the health and growth of your indoor plants. A spacious 12cm ceramic pot provides ample room for plants to grow tall and eye-catching. When upgrading pot sizes, ensure the new pot is at least 2” (5cm) larger than the current size for smaller pots. Our selection of indoor plant pots caters to both your plants’ needs and your aesthetic preferences.

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For those wishing to grow fruit trees in planters, size is paramount to accommodate the tree’s growth. Decorative pots should be 2-3cm taller than the grow pot height of the hydroculture plant to ensure a proper fit. Various pot sizes and materials, like the durable injection moulded mini pots, cater to different gardening needs and preferences. Consider utilising vertical space with wall-mounted pots to house more plants.

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Our collection includes plastic pots and planters in various sizes, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The LIVIVO Pack of 12 Galvanised Iron Metal Flower Pots, for instance, is ideal for creating a herb collection or planting shrubs. Pots with a 12cm opening, such as the Candy floss pink planter, are readily available to match your home decor.

To find the perfect fit for your greenery, explore the range of plant pots available. From sleek, modern designs with drainage holes and saucers to traditional terracotta styles, there’s something for every plant lover.

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