How to Choose the Perfect Artificial Olive Tree for Your Home or Office

Leaving a gap of 30-60cm between the tree top and the ceiling is recommended to avoid making a low ceiling feel even lower. The WOHSEROM Artificial Olive Tree, standing 6FT tall, is an ideal choice for those seeking a no-maintenance, ready-to-place option for modern home or office décor. This fake potted olive tree features lifelike fruits and faux olive branches, contained in a plastic planter pot, offering an effortless touch of nature.

In Dubai, a wide selection of artificial trees is available, ranging from small to large, with various types of foliage including Olive, Ficus, Bamboo, and Topiary, suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings. These trees are noted for their realistic appearance, even upon close inspection. Maxifleur, since 1991, has specialized in exclusive artificial plants, offering high-quality options like these Tuscan Olive trees made from top-grade silks and plastics. Their leaves are meticulously crafted to be darker on top and lighter on the bottom, with a variegated trunk, mirroring real olive trees.

The market offers a range of options, from rustic Italian olive trees to contemporary ball style trees, allowing you to create a Mediterranean ambiance without the hassle of real plants. The Phimos Artificial Olive Tree and Kazeila Artificial Olive Tree are notable examples, featuring large, lifelike olive branches and fruits. These artificial topiary trees bring a classic and contemporary feel to any space.

However, cheaper faux olive trees may not match in size or quality. It’s essential to choose one that looks realistic and fits well in your intended space. The olive tree typically comes in a black plastic container, but pairing it with an attractive white planter can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Customization options are also available to ensure a perfect fit for your space, whether it’s a classic shaped fig tree or a giant oak with a fabricated trunk.

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Walk through the Italian countryside with this fine and delicate Olive Artificial Tree. Incredibly realistic looking trees with real wood tree trunk and small olive fruits. With Bamboo trees, Birches, Ficuses, fruit trees, Pines, and more, we guarantee we can provide the perfect artificial tree. With a realistic trunk, soft-touch fabric leaves, and petite black olives, it is the perfect addition to any contemporary or country home. This authentic looking Artificial Olive Tree features silvery green leaves and an abundance of delicious looking faux olives – just remember to remind hungry guests not to attempt to eat them! Olive and Oak Trees represent wisdom, while Cherry Blossom Trees represent love and femininity. Artificial Bonsai Tree, Juniper Faux Plants Indoor Small Fake Plants Decor with Ceramic.

Artificial Olive Tree

For those interested in exploring these options, a visit to Artificial Olive Tree (search) can provide a comprehensive view of the available choices.

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