How to Choose and Use the Right Containers for Your Lucky Bamboo Plants?

Lucky bamboo can be grown in various containers, depending on the size of the plant. These include a shallow dish, a glass bowl, a jar, a tall vase, or porcelain and ceramic pots. To ensure proper growth and stability, start by placing 2-3 inches of rocks or gravel at the base of your container. This improves drainage and makes the container more bottom-heavy, preventing the plant from toppling over.

Bamboo Plant Container

When selecting a bamboo plant pot, consider its use. These containers can be used for a low hedge, ground cover, or as a specimen plant in a border or container. Supplied as a pair of 2L pot-grown bamboos, they are 40-50cm tall, ready to pot on or plant out. However, plants requiring a deep root system may struggle in shallow planters.

To maintain the quality of your bamboo planters, give solid bamboo containers a coat of natural oil, such as linseed oil, before use. The planters often come with a bamboo drainage tray, essential for catching overflow when watering. Each child and pet-safe pod contains essential micronutrients and trace elements, vital for plant growth. Some bamboo varieties, like Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo), are perfect for gardens and don’t require frequent repotting or dividing, as they are less likely to become root-bound.

Add the perfect finishing touches to your plant collection with our fabulous range of planters and plant stands. When selecting bamboo plants, remember that they are delivered in plastic pots weighted with concrete for stability. There are two main varieties of bamboo: ‘Running’, which have roots that spread out, and another type that does not spread as aggressively.

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