How to Choose and Plant Succulents in Containers

Planting succulents in containers is an easy and versatile way to bring greenery into your space. The root systems of these plants are compact, making them ideal for shallow containers. The key is to use a potting mix that is loose, well-draining, and rich in gritty material, and to ensure the pot has a drainage hole to prevent water accumulation.

Succulent Planting

A variety of objects can be repurposed as planters, such as wellies, colanders, milk churns, tin cans, and teapots, reflecting your personality and garden style. The best soil mix for succulents consists of two-thirds inorganic matter and one-third organic matter. It’s crucial to use a free-draining mix and elevate the container on pot feet for better drainage. Most succulents thrive in dry, sunny spots and need at least 6 hours of sun per day.

Succulents like the Century Plant (Agave americana) are adaptable to various environments, including outdoor pots. When watering, it’s important to allow the soil to absorb the water fully before draining the excess. For those in humid climates or who tend to over-water, pumice is a recommended planting material. Repotting in fresh soil gives succulents a new lease on life.

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