How Can You Elevate Your Herb Gardening with Industrial-Style Planters?

Transform your herb gardening experience with industrial-style planters that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. These planters are ideal for those who are often away, as they come equipped with self-watering systems. Additionally, they feature handles, making them easy to move and water. With a diameter of 18cm and a total load capacity of 20kg, these planters are perfect for growing a variety of plants, herbs, and vegetables. During blooming, herbs can drop 1–3 seeds, allowing for easy regeneration of your herb supply.

To ensure stability, these planters can be fixed onto a heavy base, such as a parasol stand, or pushed deep into the ground. Our collection includes brand-new hanging plant pots and novelty planters, perfect for gifting. Each package contains four burlap plant pots, peat potting soil discs, bamboo plant markers, pruning shears, a stainless steel tea infuser, and even a gift box. Constructing these planters is simple; all you need is plywood, old plastic bottles, screws, or nails.

Industrial Style Herb Gardening Planters

Ladder boxes for these planters are built separately and then attached to the ladder support to form a complete unit. Large pots with multiple pockets allow you to grow an array of herbs in one place. For those seeking a personalised touch, we offer a ‘Personalised Herb Garden Window Box’. This wooden planter can be customised with your message, making it an ideal Christmas gift. Our collection also includes durable concrete planters, perfect for outdoor spaces, and a classic set of three metal plant pots with a drainage hole and matching metal tray.

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Explore our range of herb planters in different styles and sizes, such as the Grey / Green Metal Herb Pots with Tray, perfect for home decor. We also offer Self-Watering Plant Pots in a pack of three, featuring a modern design and extra-large water storage, ideal for all house plants, flowers, and herbs. With over 30 different pots and planters available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home, whether it be small or large.

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