How Can Willow Fencing Screening Transform Your Garden?

Bring the charm of the countryside to your garden with this Willow fencing screening roll, ideal not just for the traditional English country garden but also to create a natural look in modern urban spaces. Our willow fence screening has been heat-treated, making it weatherproof, UV-resistant, quick-drying, and mold-resistant, perfect for garden screening and landscaping. With creativity, it can transform any outdoor space, screening anything from bins to outdoor tanks.

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Willow Fencing Screening

Made from 100% natural willow, this cane screening is not only high quality and durable but can be easily attached to wooden garden fences using galvanised garden staples, securing it at the top and bottom. To create a simple willow hurdle, hammer thick sticks into the ground as upright posts. Our Woven Reed Screen, made from natural reed cane, offers a handy organic privacy screen.

We are proud to announce that Tim Radford was named Supreme Champion at the 2018 National Hedgelaying Championship. Whether your garden is traditional or contemporary, our framed willow fencing can be adapted to suit many situations. Consider re-cycling and re-purposing for garden screening ideas, especially if on a budget. This robust and eco-friendly willow screening roll is a practical addition to any garden. Select grasses and bamboos for an attractive screen that adds movement and sound to the garden in a breeze, anchored firmly with the thickest sticks at either end.

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