How Can Vintage Planters and Garden Ornaments Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

Available in two colours, this Vintage Planter is a truly unique decoration, one that will add some character to your garden. It hangs from a small shepherd’s hook, illuminating the night with a cascade of twinkling lights. (Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny). For those with limited space, clever narrow garden ideas can provide ample planting opportunities. Front door flower pot decorations are an excellent way to express your love of plants, even with minimal or no yard space for a garden.

Vintage Planter on Shepherd’s Hook

Enhance your garden with statues, ornaments, and sculptures from Homebase, or choose from our selection including garden rugs, candle holders, and more to spruce up your outdoor area. With a wide range of planters, you can bring home everything from pansies and hyacinths to trees such as bay and lavender. The Rusty Metal Honey Bee is a distinctive pagan garden gift that adds a rustic charm to your garden fence.

Weaving in art objects like sculptures, photographs, drawings, and paintings with your indoor plants is a great way to add visual interest. Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design, who co-created ‘Plants Work’ with IKEA for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, offers his top five tips for enhancing wellbeing with indoor plants. A spiritual, Asian-inspired statue, nestled behind a modern gas fireplace and surrounded by bamboo, sets a serene tone for a garden space. Topspeeder Solar Mushroom Lights, which feature 20 LED outdoor lights with eight modes, can also add a whimsical touch to pathways, lawns, and landscapes.

Metal Garden Sign (search)

Consider giving your garden a charming makeover with our range of garden ornaments, which includes the Green Envee Milan artificial green wall panel—perfect for creating a home garden wall decoration or an outdoor green wall backdrop. Natural decor for aquariums is made from naturally occurring materials like leaves and coconuts, offering an authentic touch to your underwater scenery. Our selection of garden décor also includes realistic metal and stone animal ornaments, along with adorable novelty creatures featuring solar LED and glow-in-the-dark functionalities.

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