How Can Seed Trays Enhance Your Gardening Experience?

Discover the versatility and durability of our seed tray collection, featuring traditional styles and innovative designs. Our sustainable seed trays, made from bamboo, are not only eco-friendly but also extremely sturdy, requiring only one hand to hold. This leaves your other hand free to plant seedlings with ease. Among our popular options are the Green Garland Full Size Seed Trays, made from heavy-duty plastic in a standard G17G model, available in quantities ranging from 1 to 100.

Green Garland Seed Trays

For gardeners with limited outdoor space, our mini greenhouse-style seed trays are a perfect choice. These trays allow you to control the temperature, ensuring your plants thrive in any environment. Made from recycled materials, these trays are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, lasting up to 15 years. This makes them a more economical choice compared to frequently replacing cheaper, less durable trays.

Our Seed Tray Rack is specially designed to hold full-size seed trays securely. It’s robust enough to handle the weight and ensures a perfect fit for our high-quality, strong plastic trays, which are available in sets of 10 or 15. The Haxnicks range, made from sustainable bamboo fiber, rice starch, and resin, includes bamboo pots, saucers, and seed trays. Another great option is the BoloShine 3 Pack Seed Propagator Trays, featuring 12 cell seedling trays with lids, ideal for greenhouse gardening, nursery planting, and vegetable or fruit seed planting.

Our sturdy aluminium Seed Tray Racks are perfect for maximizing greenhouse space and making the most of heating costs. They allow you to accommodate numerous seedlings and plants within a compact area. In the modern gardening world, plastic trays are the go-to choice for many gardeners. They are more affordable, lightweight, and easier to clean than timber trays. These trays can be used in various settings, including gardens, greenhouses, hydroponics, and even as oil drain trays or litter trays. All our seed trays and inserts, multi-cell packs, and square plant pots are made from 100% recycled plastic, produced at our factory in Essex, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

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