How Can Natural Willow Garden Screening Enhance Your Privacy and Style?

Natural garden screening made of willow is a perfect solution for those seeking 100% privacy in their garden or on their balcony. It is comprised of vertical full willow canes, which vary slightly in thickness, and are held together by horizontal galvanised wires. This type of screening is not only functional but also adds a stylish element to your garden.

Willow screens are easy to cut to size and install, making them suitable for various garden styles. The willow canes, typically between 5-15mm thick, are fresh, consistent, and uniform, ensuring a high-quality finish.

Willow Garden Screening Rolls

Introducing the Willow Garden Screening Rolls, these are an ideal way to transform an ordinary fence into a striking feature. Perfect for attaching to existing fences, they can also be used to create a separate screening area within your garden.

At Poundstretcher, a variety of fencing materials are available, including brushwood, burnt logs, painted pickets, plastic, and bamboo. The Youyijia Garden Fence Gate, a versatile expanding trellis, can also serve as a freestanding wooden trellis fence, suitable for plant support or as a pet safety barrier.

If your garden is exposed to harsh elements, metal garden screens can offer both protection and decoration. Free-standing wood or metal garden trellis planters are another effective way to utilise climbing plants for creating a patio or garden screen, or for beautifying a blank wall.

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