How Can Garden Ornaments Enhance Your Low Maintenance Garden Design?

Garden ornaments can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a low maintenance garden design. Smart garden ideas, such as solar garden lights, serve the dual purpose of decoration and functionality. A prime example of clever zoning can be seen where a low fence segregates a wild garden section, as beautifully captured by Polly Eltes. The clever juxtaposition of different planting styles, from formal clipped areas to uncut sections for wildlife, is often the hallmark of successful landscaping.

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For structure within your garden, consider planting shrubs and trees at intervals of 30-90cm (1-3ft) between most plants within the row. This density helps create a cohesive aesthetic. Embrace the various essentials for a garden that shines throughout the year, from fencing and decking to sheds, plants, garden flooring, and power tools. With imaginative wooden garden edging available in timber and bamboo, you can create captivating textures around your garden spaces.

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Fencing plays a vital role not just in demarcation but also in the aesthetic appeal of a garden. For instance, a black fence can delineate a seating area, creating distinct zones within the outdoor space, with raised beds reinforcing this visual connection. Similarly, traditional wooden fences or innovative uses of trellis can serve to separate areas within the garden while blending naturally into the landscape over time as the plants grow.

When planning your garden, consider the varied fencing options carefully. Traditional stone walls, for example, complement cottage-style gardens and can work harmoniously with native plants for a low-maintenance style. In larger gardens, pleached or stilted trees can add height and privacy above a typical fence line. However, options like netting or mesh panels might offer only temporary solutions without the same style consistency.

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Finally, the choice of garden lighting should be as considered as the lighting within your home, taking into account the scale and function, especially in smaller spaces. With careful planning and the right selection of decorations, edging, and plants, a garden can become a beautiful and practical extension of the home throughout the year.

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