How Can Artificial Olive Trees Enhance Your Home and Office Decor?

Embrace the charm of the Mediterranean with Phimos Artificial Olive Trees. These tall, fake potted olive trees, complete with silk branches and fruits, are perfect for adding a touch of southern warmth to your living or office spaces. While these trees may not bear real olives, they excel in creating an inviting atmosphere with their vibrant and lifelike appearance.

Since 1991, Maxifleur has been a leading specialist in exclusive artificial plants. Their expertise is evident in the attention to detail seen in these faux olive trees. If you find your chosen artificial plant too short, you can elevate it with a tall planter, possibly adding boxes inside to enhance its height, seamlessly integrating it into your desired space.

Artificial Olive Tree

With its lifelike simulation, the 6ft artificial olive tree closely mimics the appearance of a real olive tree. The attention to detail extends to the realistic trunk, soft-touch fabric leaves, and the inclusion of petite black olives, making it an ideal addition to both contemporary and country homes. Made from premium materials, it faithfully replicates the living counterpart.

The artificial olive tree stands at 150 cm and features about 600 olive leaves and 30 fruits, adding to its authenticity. These trees are popular in both private and commercial settings, bringing a sense of natural beauty without the need for maintenance. From flowering and fruit trees to bamboos and palms, you have a wide array of options to instantly create the look you desire.

For those interested in incorporating this style into their space, the Foliages Artificial Plants and Flowers Trading LLC in Dubai offers a vast selection of artificial trees, including Olive, Ficus, and Bamboo. Similarly, Kazeila offers a 120cm large artificial olive tree with a natural wood trunk, ideal for home and office decor. These artificial Tuscan Olive trees, made with high-quality silks and plastics, ensure longevity and a continuously fresh appearance.

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Realead’s 6ft tall faux olive tree is another excellent choice, perfect for modern home or office decor. With its lush, lifelike appearance, it’s easy to feel immersed in a verdant forest. Threshold’s Artificial Olive Tree, designed with Studio McGee, stands at 65cm and offers a compact yet charming option for indoor spaces.

Explore the variety of artificial olive trees available and find the perfect one to enhance your home or office space. Visit Artificial Olive Tree (search) for more options.

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