Exploring Garden Privacy Solutions: Willow Screens and Natural Fencing

The Hazel Hurdle offers a rustic, natural boundary for gardens, perfectly complementing flowers and foliage. Its construction involves posts that are twice the height of the screening roll, with half buried in the ground for stability.

Rustic Garden Screening

The Woven Reed Screen, made from natural reed cane, serves as an effective organic privacy screen. This screen is crafted from vertical willow canes, each up to 15mm in diameter, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

Living Willow Farm specializes in custom willow garden features like raised beds, privacy screens, fencing, and wattle panels. The willow, sourced from lush European fields, is harvested annually to produce these high-quality fences.

Another practical use of living or dried willow is the willow wigwam, ideal for plant support. Natural garden screening can be used in various ways, including as fence rails to separate different areas of the garden, framing flower beds, or providing shade and privacy for relaxation.

BPIL Garden’s Natural Peeled Reed Screening Roll is a top choice for wooden garden screening, offering both privacy and aesthetic appeal. With styles ranging from thatched to bark, there’s a design to suit almost any garden.

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