Explore the Durable and Eco-Friendly World of PVC Vinyl Fencing

Lifetime PVC Picket fence is available in white and cream, measuring 120 cm (4 feet) high, complete with matching gates. This maintenance-free recycled plastic fencing is strong, robust, splinter-free, and rot-proof, making it ideal for garden boundaries, schools, and hospitals.

PVC Vinyl Fencing

As a leading supplier of premium PVC vinyl fences in the UK, Simple Fencing offers a range of products for residential and commercial use. Once installed, they are available for any maintenance or repair work required. Their garden screening rolls come in a variety of materials, including fern, reed, willow, and bamboo.

Woodside Plastic Outdoor Garden Decorative Fence Panels are rated highly. Garden storage units, smaller than sheds, are perfect for stowing children’s toys and gardening equipment. The fencing is also available in green, with a sturdy design that doesn’t fade and retains its original appearance over time.

This garden gate comes in three sizes: 925mm, 885mm, and 725mm in width, all at a standard height of 1830mm. The Plastic Animal Barrier Fence, a 1 * 10M outdoor snow fencing safety mesh, is heavy duty and reusable, ideal for construction, dogs, rabbits, chicken, and lawn.

Eco fencing is made sustainably, using recycled plastic and wood for 90% of each fence panel’s construction. Ranch style fence kits are easy to install, enhancing your garden’s aesthetics. The side posts are 100mm x 100mm x 2000mm in height, pre-fitted with a snap-in slot cover, and can be secured to an existing wall or post. Durable composite fencing panels are available for new and existing posts.

Plastic fencing is an ideal choice for gardens, offering a range of colours and styles, including timber fencing panel styles. This plastic mesh is versatile, lasting for many years outdoors, and can be used for more than just garden fencing. Wire mesh can be used as a wire fence, cages, aviaries, crop protection, plant support, and more. Liniar’s innovative uPVC garden fencing systems provide an attractive alternative to traditional fencing products.

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