Enhancing Your Garden with Decorative Trellis and Fence Accessories

Our extensive collection of fence accessories offers a variety of materials and designs, allowing you to create a seamless and stylish outdoor space. These accessories include fence post brackets, clips, caps, and notably, our decorative trellis panels. Different from standard trellis panels, these topper panels feature a unique pale center, providing a distinct aesthetic appeal.

Decorative Trellis Panel

Once you’ve installed your fence posts and panels, you can enhance their appearance with our range of Fence Toppers or a Post Cap and Finial. These products not only add to the visual appeal but also come with 10 to 15-year guarantees, ensuring that your decorative trellis remains a striking garden feature for years to come. For sturdy installation, we offer screw-in supports or metal support spikes that anchor your fence posts firmly into the ground.

Trellis serves as an excellent alternative to traditional fence panels, offering various uses such as wall decorations, garden screens, or fence toppers. They not only beautify your garden but also aid in privacy and pest control, deterring rodents and snakes. Our decorative Diamond Lattice Fence Topper, measuring 1ft (30cm) tall by 6ft (183cm) wide, is designed to be affixed between posts atop a traditional 6ft wide fence panel, adding elegance and a bit of height to your garden fencing.

Garden trellis can also serve as a perimeter fence, effectively keeping people or animals out of your garden without obstructing views or light. While solid fence panels block more light, semi-solid options and certain plants can adapt well to lower light conditions. Our Chilham fence panels, made from vacuum pressure treated Jakcure softwood timber, are guaranteed for 25 years, ensuring longevity and durability.

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