Enhancing Your Garden with Decorative Steel Fences and Privacy Screens

A decorative steel garden fence, comprising 10 panels and 11 posts, extends over a total length of 17 metres. Inspired by diverse sources, from leaf patterns to intricate Asian designs, these fences are gaining popularity for wall-topping, offering privacy while allowing sunlight through their leafy patterns. Trellis structures, an ideal garden accessory, bring life to any garden. Decorative fence panels and screens are not just for boundary-setting; they also transform gardens into unique spaces brimming with character. Whether standing alone or as part of a wall installation, they attract admirers to your Garden Gallery.

Decorative Steel Garden Fence

For those starting the day with a morning brew or enjoying an after-dinner coffee, the No1 privacy screen adds an Italian café-like ambiance to outdoor spaces. Additionally, the Abaseen Natural Split Reed Fence, hand-woven and perfect for garden, patio, or balcony, enhances privacy and aesthetics. An artificial bamboo screen, ideal for concealing unsightly features, also creates a private haven in your garden.


Wickes offers a range of fencing, trellis, and arches to transform your garden into an inviting outdoor living area. With the No41 privacy screen, a leafy paradise is achievable without planting a single tree. However, be mindful of choosing non-invasive varieties and using containers for containment. Fence screenings are ideal for beautifying walls, increasing privacy, and hiding unattractive features in outdoor spaces. These screens are easy to maintain, negating the need for watering or trimming.

Panelling, often associated with traditional design, gets a modern twist with these garden screens. Manufactured in Northern Ireland by The Garden Edge, they reflect the elegance of traditional Arabic architecture. The Pink Blossom Artificial Hedge Screen Trellis with Solar LED Lights by Smart Garden adds a unique flair to gardens, making them perfect for a variety of activities, from vegetable growing to socialising and relaxation. Explore metal garden screens and other decorative options to enhance your outdoor space.

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