Enhancing Your Garden with Climbing Plants and Trellises: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating height, shade, and visual depth in your garden can be elegantly achieved with climbers on frames. These frames offer both a practical and aesthetic solution, acting as the perfect climbing structure to prevent plants from having to be fastened directly to the house or exterior walls. Erecting these supportive screens is simple, making them ideal for positioning climbing plants around borders and beds.

For Clematis, traditionally designed cage towers or ladders are recommended, ensuring the plant is spread across to enhance its beauty. It’s important to note that climbers lacking a trellis often exhibit reduced growth and reproduction. A colorful chart by CustomMade can guide you through different types of structures suitable for various fruits and vegetables in your backyard.

In the UK, grapevines from our range ripen well, perfect for desserts, wine, or juice. For new plants from a garden centre, use scissors to cut off plastic ties that bind the climber to its bamboo. Non-clinging leaf climbers, like clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle, or climbing roses, require attachment to trellises placed close to a building’s wall.

Our metal garden trellises, boasting stylish and elegant designs, are perfect for providing height to climbing plants. These trellises can be used as climbing plant supports in pergolas or as decorative screens against garden sheds. Furthermore, they are designed in the UK, require no assembly, and are made from long-life, pressure-treated wood with an FSC sustainability certification.

When it comes to planting and supporting climbing roses, it’s crucial to position the lowest straining wire 2ft (60cm) from the ground, repeating every 12-18” (30-45cm) up to the established height of the rose. For supporting tomato plants, ensure there is enough space between the plant and the stake.

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Explore our huge range of plant stakes, wind protection, plant supports, and frames for supporting various plants and flowers. Our traditional collection is recommended for heavy plant climbers, such as wisteria and certain types of climbing roses.

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Garden Climbing Plant Support Structures

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