Enhancing Your Garden with Bamboo Screening: A Versatile Solution for Privacy and Style

Brush wood screens are ideal for adding privacy to your garden, either by attaching them to existing fences or using them as standalone screening in separate areas. This budget-friendly garden fencing range includes fence panels, fence posts, trellis, garden gates, and accessories. Notably, hedge screening bamboo plants with yellow-orange stems, available in 15-litre large pots from WorldGardenPlants, offer an attractive and effective screening option.

Bamboo Screening in Garden

Indoors, bamboo screens can serve as stylish room dividers. When there are unattractive walls or fences outdoors, these screens are perfect for a transformation. Bamboo, due to its small footprint and tall, straight growth with small leaves, is ideal for creating thick screens. Plant bamboo at the back of a border to create height, against a fence or wall for a focal point, or use it as a contemporary hedge to enhance your lawn’s aesthetics.

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Our thick white bamboo screening rolls are designed to attach to existing garden fences, stone walls, chain link wire fencing, arbours, and more. They’re perfect for gardening projects, offering superior quality and privacy. Bamboo fences can be drilled and fixed to any solid wall with screws. For additional adhesion, fence paint can be used. This versatile screening is also ideal as a wind or privacy screen on balconies or at garden fences.

Artificial PVC bamboo screening is another great option for a natural touch with easier maintenance. Moobba, based in the UK, supplies bamboo poles, fencing, screens, and more, suitable for a variety of uses including in homes and zoos. Our range of privacy fences and screens includes basic netting, decorative green wall panels, and artificial hedges, available in various styles like thatched or bark.

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If you lack the space or resources for a full fence, bamboo slat fencing screens are an excellent alternative. They can be used over existing fencing or as a standalone feature. The natural garden fence screening rolls are easy to install and versatile, suitable for use as baseboards, wainscoting, and facades. Simply unroll the bamboo, place it against your fence or wall, and secure it with string or nails.

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