Enhancing Your Balcony: Safety, Style, and Planters

When considering the construction of a balcony or a second-story deck, it’s crucial to check local ordinances to determine the required depth for the supporting holes. Safety is paramount, and one effective method to ensure it is by using netting or wire mesh. These materials are excellent for blocking spaces that could potentially be hazardous for pets like cats.

Enhancing your balcony’s aesthetic and functionality can also be achieved with garden planters. Integrated hooks on these planters allow for easy attachment to windowsills or balcony railings. However, while netting mesh panels can temporarily divide parts of your garden, they might not offer consistent security and style.

European Balcony Fence Design

When it comes to balcony railing planters, there are numerous options available. The CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter is one such example. These planters not only add a touch of greenery but also enhance the visual appeal of your space. For cat owners, setting up a crate where the cat can enjoy outdoor scenery is another lovely addition.

For those seeking a modern touch, glass fencing, like that offered by Balcony Systems, is becoming increasingly popular due to its elegance and low maintenance. Glass and aluminum railings can be mounted inside or outside, depending on space availability.

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Incorporating plant life into your balcony space can create a natural and inviting atmosphere. Options like stainless steel or aluminium baluster posts with glass infill from the Q-line Square Line or Duo Line series are great choices. These materials not only provide durability and UV resistance but also add a contemporary flair to your balcony.

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CobraCo HTR36-B 36-Inch English Horse Trough Planter (search)

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