Enhancing Outdoor Privacy: Choosing the Right Screen for Your Space

Transform your outdoor areas into private havens with the YTTERSKÄR privacy screen. This slightly transparent screen is ideal for balconies and patios, offering a sense of separation without completely blocking the view. Its fabric design allows for ample airflow and provides 85% UV protection, ensuring comfort for you, your pets, and plants.

YTTERSKÄR Privacy Screen

YTTERSKÄR’s versatility is further enhanced by its mobile design, including folding screens that can adapt to various needs. You have a wide selection of films to choose from, such as reflective, frosted, decorative, and security types, catering to different aesthetic and functional requirements. The screen’s durability is assured with its steel frame and wide feet, providing stability in outdoor conditions.


Whether it’s for your garden, deck, or balcony, these screens offer not just privacy but also protection from the elements. They can be used to create distinct areas in your outdoor space or even to safeguard specific plant growth areas. The screens are double-sided, and their modular design allows for size adjustments by removing panels.

Explore the diverse range of indoor privacy screens for your home improvement projects. Options like the JVVMNJLK Indoor Room Divider offer portable solutions for space division, while the LUNGÖN off-white privacy screen adds a touch of elegance to any indoor setting. These dividers are not just functional; they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

For those looking to add a unique touch to their homes, consider the Honeycomb braided privacy panel or the aluminum decorative screen. These materials are not only durable but also add a modern flair to your privacy solutions. Additionally, consider the long hanging room divider, which combines elegance and functionality, perfect for adding a sophisticated look to any room.

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