Enhance Your Outdoor Space: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Privacy Screen

We are excited to introduce our new range of BRITISH MADE architectural metal decorative screens. These screens are versatile and can be used in various ways, such as privacy screens, railings, deck inserts, wall art, and gates. They are available in different styles including wall-mounted, free-standing, and fixed-base, suitable for casting as well.

Architectural Metal Decorative Screen

To build a bamboo privacy screen, the primary material needed is bamboo fencing. Folding screens or outdoor curtains offer flexibility, ideal for renters. You can customize the size of these screens using our measurement tool. Our screens can be freestanding or wall-mounted, extendable up to 3 meters, and are retractable for easy storage.

Each aspect of the privacy screen is tailor-made, including the choice of aluminium slats (either 50mm x 10mm or 75mm x 16mm). Decorative Fence Panels and Screens transform gardens into unique spaces. For immediate privacy, balcony privacy screens are an excellent choice. Our stylish garden screens turn gardens into peaceful retreats. We offer a wide range of materials and sizes, including bamboo screens.

Garden privacy screens and windscreens create separate spaces and enhance the garden’s aesthetic. They suit various architectural styles, including rustic, country farmhouse, and modern. Combining different materials like wood and aluminum results in unique, eye-catching designs. Our screens are durable and useful for various purposes like infill screens for pergolas, garden divides, deck balustrades, and more.

Our DIY modular products are meticulously crafted for beauty and privacy. From Corten Steel decorative metal screens to wooden laser-cut patio deck screens, there’s something for every taste. The YTTERSKĂ„R privacy screen offers a sense of separation for balconies and patios. Add a simple wooden garden gate for extra security and privacy. Our vertical awnings provide wind protection and privacy. Bamboo privacy screens add a tropical touch to outdoor spaces.

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The 2mm galvanized steel material of our outdoor privacy screens ensures durability and scratch resistance. DSD offers custom-made, affordable laser-cut decorative screens and metalwork. Poshions outdoor privacy screens come in various patterns, enhancing your space uniquely.

Enclo Privacy Screens are available in sizes like 6ft H x 4ft W x 1ft L, complete with a Florence WoodTek Vinyl Outdoor Freestanding Privacy Fence Screen Panel and Planter Box Kit. Versare offers various free-standing outdoor privacy screen options to suit your needs.

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