Enhance Your Home with Elegant Round Wicker Trays

Discover the elegance and functionality of round wicker trays, a perfect addition to any home. These beautiful hand-woven Grey Round Wicker Trays are ideal for serving coffee or tea. Choose from classic wooden styles with legs for a luxurious feel or opt for something modern in bright colors or striking patterns. The Round Rattan Decorative Dressing Table Tray, complete with handles, is perfect for storing jewelry, makeup, perfume, or candles, adding a touch of sophistication to any dressing table.

White Metal Shabby Chic Round Trays offer a quaint boudoir bedroom decor, while Large Decorative Serving Trays with a 50cm diameter and a spiral pattern are perfect for centerpiece decoration. For a more traditional feel, the Large Round Antique Wash Willow Handled Tray adds a rustic charm to your home decor. These trays, made of rattan and caning, are not only ideal for transporting plates to the table but also serve as an excellent breakfast-in-bed option. They can double as a bread platter or a grazing tray, beautifully lined with a linen napkin or paper doily.


The Sziqiqi Round Rattan Serving Tray, 35cm in diameter, is hand-woven and perfect for serving breakfast, drinks, or snacks. It also functions as a practical organizer in the kitchen. For outdoor settings, the COSTWAY Folding Rattan Coffee Table is an excellent choice, offering a space-saving and portable solution for your patio or garden.

Explore our range of serveware, from sandwich platters that coordinate with our dinnerware to unique pieces that make a statement on your dining table. These round wicker trays, available in two sizes, are a splendid addition to rustic retail displays or for ambient food display, such as baked goods. The William Morris white wood folding tray, with its large design and decoupage handle, is ideal for caf├ęs and restaurants, both for functional use and decorative display.

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Elegant Round Wicker Trays

For a more specialized need, the BUENTYA 2 Pcs Round Bamboo Tray, 20cm in diameter, offers a simple yet elegant solution for serving tea, coffee, cake, or even for displaying succulents. The unique combination of wicker rattan and mother of pearl inlay, found in some of our rattan trays, adds an exotic touch to any setting. For a touch of luxury, the Okuna Outpost Crystal Bead Mirrored Tray is perfect for organizing perfumes on a vanity. And for a retro feel, the Vintage Round Wicker Tray with Pressed Butterflies and Colorful Ferns can serve as both a functional breakfast tray and a piece of mid-century wall art.

Whether placed on coffee tables, dining tables, or sideboards, these decorative wooden trays enhance the beauty of any room. Look no further for high-quality, beautiful, and functional round serving or coffee trays.

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