Enhance Your Home with Effortless Artificial Plant Decor

With our easy-going, faff-free faux plants, there’s no need for watering wilted leaves or dealing with pruning. Our selection includes artificial outdoor plants perfect for patios or balconies. Discover trees like artificial Bay, Bonsai, Bamboo, and Buxus. These plants feature dimensions of 50cm in height (measured from the bottom of the spike to the top of the foliage) and 55cm in width (once dressed out).

Our elegant and stylish range of vases and artificial plants is designed to enliven any living area. At Fake Plants, we’re renowned across the UK for our high-quality synthetic plants. We strive to ensure that all our fake plants for sale are meticulously accurate. Simply plant them in your favourite pots or directly into the ground, and enjoy a beautiful, no-maintenance garden.

Artificial Plant Decor

Choose from a variety of artificial plants, including boxwood and buxus topiary, bay trees, cedar, juniper, and more. These plants are ideal for placing in a dark corner or for homes where the owners frequently travel. They maintain a fresh look without any attention. Popular styles like spirals, lollipops, and balls, which are challenging to achieve with real box shrubs, are readily available in our artificial selection.

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Our collection includes the Artificial Tree in Geometric Spiral Pattern Planter, Fake Bird of Paradise Silk Tree, and more for both indoor and outdoor home decor. Lighterday offers a set of 2 large faux plants, including Artificial Palm Tree and Tall Plastic Plants, ideal for office and home indoor/outdoor decor.

We design, import, export, and deliver our faux plants and designer planters all over the world. For those interested in enhancing their space with our products, check out our variety of fake plants, including the Artificial Plants (search).

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