Enhance Your Home Decor with a Variety of Elegant Wooden Vases

Discover the elegance and versatility of wooden vases in home decor. Whether you’re looking for a large, tall floor vase for your patio or a charming, rustic umbrella stand, a set of two bamboo vases can be a perfect fit. Their modern farmhouse style effortlessly blends with various interior designs. If you’re interested in unique pieces, consider an Iroko bud-vase or a weed-pot flower vase. These wooden bottles and vases are not only functional but also collectable items, adding a distinct flair to any space.

Elegant Wooden Vase

For those who prefer a blend of materials, glass vases with wooden bases offer a contemporary look. A large vase, standing 31cm tall and available in colours like grey, is perfect for kitchen tables or living room decor. When it comes to floristry essentials, you’re well-equipped with everything from floral scissors to glue guns, ensuring your flower arrangements are as beautiful as they can be.


Personalised options like a wooden flower vase with test tubes make for wonderful 5th-anniversary gifts or wedding presents. Consider a minimalist wooden vase set for your bathroom or kitchen, or opt for a handcrafted piece for that special touch in your home decor. Additionally, a metal vase with vibrant fruits such as clementines or pears can bring a splash of colour to minimalist rooms.

Christian Liaigre’s legacy continues in the design world, with a focus on maintaining heritage through creative and managerial transitions since 2009. Explore rustic decor options like a wood vase in natural tones, ideal for garden or farmhouse settings. Unique pieces like a large acacia wood flower vase with brass detailing, or a midcentury modern vase, make for excellent housewarming gifts.

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For those who wish to pay respects at memorials or graves, placing flowers in a beautifully crafted vase can be a meaningful gesture. A handmade vase from mango wood, like the Leewadee small floor vase, adds sophistication to any decor. Or consider a black wooden vase for a striking contrast in your farmhouse or rustic-themed space.

Enhance your home decor with our range of wooden vases, from teak and birch to Paulownia wood. Whether it’s a posy vase from Australian vintage homewares or a burning wood vase with a Lichtenberg fractal design, these pieces bring a unique and natural aesthetic to any space.

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