Enhance Your Garden’s Beauty and Security with Decorative Fence Panels

For those seeking enhanced security and a modern, stylish look for their property, consider five- and six-foot tall fences. These taller panels provide superior security compared to their shorter counterparts. A particularly attractive option is the decorative European style garden fence panels.

Decorative European Style Garden Fence Panel

Handcrafted options like the Fused Glass Poppy Meadow Field Bunch 3D Style Pane, large at 15x30cm, offer a unique and beautiful d├ęcor choice. These panels are customizable in both colours and themes. In a similar vein, metal garden screens, crafted from high-grade Aluminium and finished with a premium satin powder coat, add a contemporary touch. The Triple Slope Gothic Screen is another decorative option, providing both style and support for garden plants.

The Garden Mile series features packs of white picket fence panels, ideal for creating charming outdoor edging or flower borders. These panels are easy to install, with spiked feet for firm placement. Bamboo, known for its rapid growth, is an excellent material for garden screening, offering both beauty and practicality. The Ticanros 12 Pack Decorative Garden Fence Panels, measuring 24 inches in height and 13 feet in length, are a rustproof, metal wire option that serves as an effective barrier for small animals.

For a more traditional look, Convex Tongue and Groove fence panels with Acorn post caps are an excellent choice. They create a smart, uniform border that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any garden. Slatted fence panels, known for their clean lines, are perfect for modern gardens, particularly in smaller spaces where they can create an illusion of greater length. These panels are made from 100% recycled materials, comprising 60% plastic and 40% FSC accredited wood fibres.

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DOEWORKS offers a plant trellis that doubles as a decorative garden fence. These black panels can be folded and used as flower bed borders or animal barriers. For those seeking durability, our pressure-treated fence panels come with substantial 15-year anti-rot guarantees, requiring no further annual treatment. The feather edge and tongue and groove designs ensure clean edges for a streamlined look. Additionally, our pressure-treated trellis panels are designed for longevity, eliminating the need for repeated treatments.

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