Enhance Your Garden with Metal Screens, Bamboo Screening, and Garden Trellis

Garden screens made from metal offer both protection and decoration, especially in gardens exposed to the elements. They can be attached to rails and, if necessary, to chain link fences at regular spacings. Bamboo screens, available in various styles like thatched or bark, blend well with lawns, shrubs, and flowers, adding to the aesthetic without being jarring.

Using garden trellis, you can create diagonal, horizontal, or vertical patterns, enhancing both residential and commercial outdoor spaces. If you’re considering bamboo as a screen, it’s advisable to choose a clump-forming variety and plant it in containers or troughs to prevent invasive growth. For easier installation, consider digging a trench instead of individual holes.

Garden Screening Ideas

TradeXone Reed bamboo fence screening is particularly suitable for outdoor wind and sun protection, offering an instant solution. This extra thick garden screening measures 2m x 4m. Similarly, HMWD offers a 4m wide natural peeled reed screening roll, available in four sizes, ideal for privacy or sectioning parts of the garden.


This decorative artificial bamboo screening can hide unsightly features, old fence panels, or create private areas in your garden. Many bamboo varieties also provide edible shoots, and mature canes can be harvested for various garden uses, like plant supports. When planting, loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole and mix in garden compost or well-rotted manure.

Garden screening is an affordable project with significant benefits, especially if your garden is overlooked by neighbours. It’s an effective way to ensure privacy while enhancing the garden’s aesthetics.

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