Enhance Your Garden with Exciting Play Equipment and Safe Playsets for Kids

Our kids’ climbing frames are more than just swings and slides. They include rock walls, ladders, children’s monkey bars, and playhouses. To add more excitement to your garden, consider the Jooeer Slip n Slide (search). This inflatable lawn triple water slide is perfect for summer outdoor fun, featuring a 16ft splash pool, sport racing, and pop-up games, complete with three bodyboards and sprinklers.

Jooeer Slip n Slide

Customize your garden’s playing area with additional climbing and slide boards to create the ultimate outdoor play space. However, if you’re considering planting bamboos in your garden, it’s best to avoid placing them near other plants or on a shared boundary with a neighbor’s property.

Our outdoor playsets feature rope ladders, glider swings for two, swings, and slides in various combinations. We offer a selection of wooden swing sets and swing accessories, plus individual slides or free-standing slides and swing/slide combinations. The climbing triangle is inspired by Emmi Pikler’s triangle concept, aiming to develop children’s motor skills and courage.

Kids can enjoy swinging and sliding, splashing around, or driving through the garden on their very own outdoor toy vehicle. Each slide includes a safety net at the top and high-quality foam block stairs. We also offer the Single Lane Speed Blast Splash Sprint Racing Waterslide, an exciting garden inflatable lawn slide for summer fun. You can also opt for a swing and slide set, combining two of the best children’s garden activities. All Rebo universal garden slides are made from hard-wearing, weather-resistant plastic, ensuring durability and resilience.

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