Enhance Your Garden with Durable and Stylish Plant Stands

For those looking to add a touch of charm and durability to their outdoor space, consider our outdoor plant stands. These stands are crafted to withstand the elements, bringing a rustic yet charming accent to any garden. Our Gardening 3 Tier Plant Stand, with its folding ladder design, is both decorative and functional, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It’s a weather-resistant shelving option for displaying flowers and plants.

For an elegant touch inside your home, the Gold Planter with Stand is a perfect choice. This indoor planter is a metal planter accompanied by a stand, combining utility with aesthetic appeal. If you prefer a more natural look, our Wooden Bonsai Display Stand is an ideal option. This stand, designed for indoor use, features a live edge wood design, perfectly complementing your bonsai or other potted plants.

Outdoor Plant Stands

Choosing the right pots, containers, and plant stands for your plants is not just a necessity; it’s an opportunity to inject fun and creativity into your home or greenhouse decor. Our modern plant stands, made from Moso bamboo wood, are versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings. We’ve been manufacturing and supplying Plant Stands and Staging for over 36 years. Our extensive range of aluminium and wooden staging and plant stands allows efficient use of space in conservatories, homes, or greenhouses for healthy plant growth and display.


Turn your plants into a charming garden feature with our collection of striking plant stands. The Mutool 2 Tier Metal Plant Stand, for instance, is a tall stand perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s a stylish plant pot holder and plant table, available in silver, measuring 69x32cm, and adds a touch of elegance to any garden or patio.

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Discover a range of plant stands and accessories on Plant Stands (search) to enhance your home and garden d├ęcor.

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