Enhance Your Garden with Artificial Trellis: A Versatile and Maintenance-Free Option

Perfect for disguising unsightly areas or sprucing up your garden, attractive trellises can significantly enhance any wall or fence they are attached to. While ivy is known for its tenacity in covering everything in sight, it can also cause damage to your home. The Willow Expanding Trellis with a Leaves Design, measuring 120 x 180cm, is an ideal solution to beautify your garden’s plant beds, walled gardens, and hedging. These trellises feature realistic, UV-protected leaves attached to an expandable willow frame, ensuring long life and no maintenance.

Attractive Garden Trellis

Another excellent option for garden decor is the Flower Wall Panel Floral Backdrop. This set includes 12 pieces of pink flower wall decor, each measuring 40cm X 60cm. Made of silk rose, these artificial flower wall backdrops are perfect for weddings, nurseries, or home decor. The foliage is weather-resistant, with polyurethane leaves and flowers that are water-resistant and UV-stabilised, made from UV-stabilised PE to prevent fading.

Bamboo screening is another effective way to mark property lines or create privacy in your garden. For those seeking a greener look, the Expanding Solar Ivy Trellis, HUIMO Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, and GreenBrokers Artificial Expanding Green Wall Trellis are excellent choices. These products feature 3D leaves in polyethylene on an extendable trellis, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

For those who prefer a more traditional look, Poundstretcher offers a variety of fences made from materials like brushwood, burnt logs, and traditional painted pickets. And for added convenience, artificial hedge screening is easy to move and requires no maintenance, unlike natural plants.

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Whether you’re looking to create extra privacy or add a touch of nature to your space, our selection of trellis panels, fences, and artificial plant walls at Homebase can help bring your vision to life.

Willow Expanding Trellis Leaves Design 120 x 180cm (search)

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