Enhance Your Garden with a Versatile Plant Trolley: A Must-Have for Every Gardener

Introducing the robust and elegant Plant Trolley – a perfect solution for effortlessly moving your heavy potted plants, both indoors and outdoors. Qingdao Nobler Special Vehicles Co., a leader in the industry, offers this functional and stylish plant caddy. It’s made from durable materials like solid steel, plastic coating, and FSC-certified wood, ensuring long-lasting use and weather resistance.

The plant trolley comes in two sizes – with diameters of 35cm and 40cm – and is equipped with smooth-rolling casters, two of which have brakes for secure parking. Its non-slip surface, made of serrated aluminium or ribbed solid wood, guarantees the safety of your plants during transportation. This versatility makes the trolley an ideal tool for both professional and domestic users, capable of moving potted plants up to 130L with minimal effort.

Round Plant Trolley

Not just functional, these plant stands are also a decorative addition to your home or garden. Their antique-look rusty finish and elegant details add a touch of elegance to any setting. Whether made of cast iron, heavy stone, or filled with soil and plants, this Plant Pot Trolley makes moving weighty containers a breeze.

Watch the Plant Trolley in action

Explore the convenience and style of these plant trolleys, an ideal way to move heavy plant pots with minimal effort. Plant Trolley (search)

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