Enhance Your Garden Privacy with Versatile Bamboo Screening

Garden screening is a fantastic way to add privacy and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor spaces. Natural cane construction not only provides a tropical look but can also revitalize old fencing. It’s a practical solution for garden balconies or wall decoration, offering long-lasting beauty with its decorative screens.

The installation of bamboo screening is straightforward. It can be easily attached to wooden garden fences using galvanised garden staples, securing both the top and bottom of the thick white bamboo screen. This method ensures a firm and durable attachment, maintaining the screen’s position and appearance over time.

Garden Bamboo Screening

For a more secure installation, predrill four holes evenly spaced along the top and bottom of each panel. This preparation allows for a more reliable attachment, especially in areas prone to strong winds or heavy weather. To further enhance the bamboo screening, heavy-duty plant mesh with a dark green finish can be added, concealing the functional aspects of your garden while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

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Our bamboo screening is versatile, allowing you to add height to existing walls and fences for increased privacy. Available in a variety of heights, from 1 metre up to 2 metres, it can suit different privacy needs. The large-sized rolled bamboo fencing, made from 25/28 mm diameter poles, is available in both natural and black, providing options to match any garden style.

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