Discover the Charm of Garden Mile’s Unique Garden Features and Accessories

Our greenhouse is designed with a roll-up door featuring a zipper on each side, ensuring easy access and ventilation. This practical feature enhances the gardening experience, providing both convenience and efficiency.

Garden Mile Greenhouse

Explore the Garden Mile Large Garden Obelisk, a heavy-duty, wooden plant cage perfect for supporting climbing plants like roses. It’s not just functional but also adds an ornamental touch to any garden.

Experience luxury in nature with proper beds, wood-burning stoves, en-suites with flushing toilets, and wood-fired showers or baths. These amenities offer comfort and convenience in outdoor settings.

For bird lovers, Garden Mile presents a variety of bird feeders. The Bird Feeder Girl with Umbrella and the Deluxe Stainless Pewter Lantern 3 in 1 Feeder are perfect for attracting wild birds to your garden. These feeders are designed in antique styles, ideal for hanging from trees or bushes.

At our 11-acre site, we focus on the study and enjoyment of wildlife, offering a real camping experience in the heart of the Fens. With only 36 pitches, we provide a relaxed atmosphere for nature enthusiasts.

For gardeners, the Garden Mile walk-in grow house is perfect for germinating seeds, propagating plants, and protecting fruit and vegetables.

Protect your plants with Garden Mile’s 4m x 10m Bird Netting. This green, anti-bird netting is ideal for safeguarding plants from pests, ensuring your garden thrives.

Garden Mile Bird Feeder (search)

Enhance your garden’s aesthetics with the Garden Mile Umbrella Boy and Girl Water Feature Fountain, a stunning freestanding bowl patio lawn centrepiece.

For those who enjoy garden climbing plants, the Garden Mile Heavy Duty Garden Arbour is a must-have. This steel frame garden arch supports roses, climbers, and vegetables, making it both functional and decorative.

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Adorn your garden with Garden Mile Topiary Trellis, available in various colors and designs. These artificial leaf trellises bring life to any garden space.

Add a whimsical touch with the Garden Mile Novelty Solar Powered Garden Ornaments. The Outdoor Cat Statue, with multicolored LED lights, is weatherproof and durable, making it a charming addition to any patio or garden.

Discover the serene Dunbar’s Close Garden at 137 Canongate on the Royal Mile. This hidden garden is a peaceful retreat in the city.

Lastly, the Garden Mile Solar In-Lit Pink Blossom Trellis is a beautiful, light-up decoration perfect for spring and summer, bringing a magical ambiance to your garden.

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