Discover the Best Al Fresco Bars and Outdoor Dining Spaces in London and Beyond

Experience the charm of outdoor dining and socializing at some of the best al fresco bars and spaces across various cities. Whether it’s the twinkling teepees at Christmas, live music events, or the cozy outdoor bars with their simple lines and vibrant colors, there’s something for everyone.

Take for instance SUSHISAMBA in Covent Garden, with its Piazza bar and balcony offering stunning views, or the riverside terrace of the bar in Redcliffe. In Edinburgh, an interactive map highlights venues with outdoor drinking spaces, perfect for enjoying al fresco beverages. London Bridge’s Vinegar Yard and the swish restaurant and bar with its ground floor outdoor terrace are also set to reopen, offering a great spot for dining and drinks.

Outdoor Dining and Bar Spaces

Bar Elba is another gem for sipping spritzes under the sun, and All Bar One near Oxford Circus stands out for its cocktail offerings. Unique outdoor bars with curved fronts add an aesthetic appeal to any space, be it a home garden or a bustling city area. Granary Wharf’s vibrant selection of bars and restaurants, offering everything from breakfast to dinner, is another not-to-miss destination.

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For those looking to build their own garden bar, Cuprinol recommends outdoor paint and treated timber, a perfect DIY project. If you’re in search of outdoor furniture for your cafe, pub, or restaurant, consider adding a bamboo garden side table or a foldable outdoor wooden table to enhance your outdoor dining experience.

With government plans supporting outdoor dining to revive the hospitality industry, spaces like People’s Park Tavern near Victoria Park have become increasingly popular. They offer an on-site microbrewery, barbecue kitchen, and a pop-up cocktail bar, ideal for a summer day out.

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Discover the variety of bars, restaurants, and events with the best outdoor seating in London through our comprehensive guide. Whether it’s the lively rooftop bars in South London or the contemporary Italian dining at Obicà, there’s an outdoor setting for every preference and occasion.

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