Discover the Art of Traditional Willow and Hazel Hurdle Fencing

Whites Farm Willow Fencing, a family enterprise since 1937, offers a comprehensive range of trellis fencing, including trellis fence panels, wall trellises, and fence toppers. As a top UK supplier, they provide a wide variety of garden fencing panels, posts, and more at competitive prices.

Whites Farm Willow Fencing

Lark Fencing, with over 30 years of expertise, specializes in the supply and fitting of wooden fencing and trellis. They recommend using 140mm gravel boards with their panels for optimal fence height. Handcrafted with precision, their panels feature willow woven between Hazelwood pieces, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.

Fountain Timber, based in Bristol, is renowned for its quality Willow and Hazel Hurdles, offering bespoke fencing solutions. Hurdlemaker David Downie from Stowmarket, Suffolk, crafts traditional woven hazel fencing, while various hurdle fencing options, including hazel and split hazel hurdles, are available for garden screening.

The unique weaving of branches in hurdle fencing allows for air diffusion, making it a durable and wind-resistant option for gardens. Specializing in continuously woven willow fences, these are made directly in your garden for a perfect fit. The lifespan of hurdles varies based on location and installation methods, but their natural resistance to wind damage makes them a superior choice compared to conventional wooden fences.

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